14597_741971055880290_7961854613385323886_nVorny Redmond grew up making up Christmas shoeboxes for children in other countries in school, but in 2014, the healthcare assistant from Huyton decided to make up some boxes for homeless people in Liverpool, too.

Vorny started the appeal as it saddened her to know that in 2014 there were still people within our own community who have nowhere to go, there are places that can provide temporary food, shelter, warmth and, of course, support but these people still don’t have anywhere to call home.

Calls were made via social media for donations of gift wrapped boxes filled with necessities and achieved huge success, with more than 2,500 shoebox recipients said to have been helped through the initiative in 2014.

In the Second year, 2015, the appeal reached over 5000 people, doubling in size.

If you’d like to contact Vorny, please email vorny.redmond@gmail.com