Stuart Fergus- The James Bulger Memorial Foundation
We cannot thank Vorny and the team at the Shoebox Full Of Love Appeal. The presents we receive are passed onto family’s in the Knowsley area who cannot afford presents and the basics that we all take for granted. Last year we made the drop off a bit more special by dropping the presents off in Santa’s bus”

Rent A Space Storage Solutions-
“Best decision we made was to help out”

Ellie Golding-
“I am putting some boxes together for this appeal to help people who need. I will drop off soon as done them all”

Lesley Ann Tyrer-
“Hi iv’e offered to help hands on, to create posters and forward on to advise people of this good cause.  I love to help people who need it, you can make such a difference in their lives and make them feel special which is a rewarding feeling that you made a difference.  Sadly there are so many homeless and becoming vulnerable can happen to anyone 🙁  Good cause Vorny! keep up the good work everyone and keep spreading the love”

Carol Daly-
“I volunteered last year initially for one day, ended up there for three days,would have been for longer but sadly had to go to work. Was so humbled by the generosity of the donations and was also privileged to take some of the boxes and hand them out to the homeless in Liverpool. It was very emotional to see how thankful and touched people were to receive a shoebox full of items that probably for the majority of us are items that we buy on a regular basis such as toiletries etc. or at least take for granted such as hat, gloves. Also the children’s or teenagers shoeboxes, think of what you probably spend on your children and then imagine if all they receive is what u get in a shoebox 💔 So whatever u do whether it is to fill a shoebox or two or donate some time to help with this appeal as there but for the Grace of…….
Will be back this year”

Sarah Keating-
“I feel privileged to be be able to volunteer with such an amazing project , set up by a truly amazing lady. You spread happiness and hope . What an amazing project to have started . Thank you for letting me be a small part of it”

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